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Virginia Polo is a self-supporting organization and we need your financial assistance. Our programs are growing and our support must also continue to grow. Please give serious thought about what VA Polo means to you, your family and community, and consider making a donation today. All donations are tax deductible.


You may make a monetary donation to the Virginia Polo Annual Fund or Endowment Fund through the University of Virginia Fund.


Donate online

Designate “Alumni Association Annual Fund” on UVA’s online giving form and be sure to include "Virginia Polo" in the Special Instructions box.

Donate over the phone

Call 800-688-9882. Please be sure to designate the gift to Virginia Polo.

Donate by mail

Checks may be mailed to the following address and should be made out to University of Virginia Fund. Virginia Polo should be noted in the memo section of your check or in a letter accompanying your check.

University of Virginia Fund
P.O. Box 400314
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4314

Endowment Campaign

Virginia Polo is the premier collegiate polo program in the country. While we have the luxury of a great facility and horses, the program does not enjoy the financial security it deserves. 

Virginia Polo has a $300,000 annual operating budget. In keeping with its mission of making polo affordable, each student member pays dues of only $1,500 per year, while the actual cost per student is $8,000 per year. The majority of the funds needed to run the program come from annual fund contributions from alumni, parents, grandparents and friends of the program. The University of Virginia does not support Virginia Polo, with the exception of a small amount in student activity fees. When contributions do not meet our budget, the program must use funds from savings. 

In the spring of 2005, the Virginia Polo Board voted to conduct an endowment campaign. The primary purpose of the campaign is having an endowment, the annual income from which will be used to support Virginia Polo's programs and facilities. The goal for the campaign was initially set at $4 million, and was raised to $4.6 million at the Board's spring 2007 meeting to fund a much needed Assistant Manager/Coach position. The entire Board supports the Endowment Campaign conceptually and financially.

Throughout our 50 + years, all student polo has been subsidized by Virginia Polo supporters. If each family simply contributed their subsidy ($7,000/yr x 4 years = $28,000), we would easily reach our goal.

Campaign Committee
Robert H. Rinehart, Co-Chairman
Richard C. Riemenschneider, Co-Chairman
Daniel W. Colhoun, Jr.
Stephen Orthwein, Jr. 

Deferred pledges are accepted. If you have any questions, please contact Dick Riemenschneider at 703.777.1403 or Rob Rinehart at 434.979.0293.

THANK YOU to our Endowment Supporters

George Alexander
Anne and Whitney Stone
Charitable Trust
Anonymous (2)
Nicolas Barry
Beh Family
Earle Betts
Philippa S. Bowers
Clifford Brokaw
Andrew Busch
Charlottesville Polo Club
David Christopher
John Coleman
Karen & Michael Crane
Quentin C. Crommelin
Diana Crowley
John W. Cutler
Tayloe and Susie Dameron
James L. Dunlap
James R. Dunlap
Mark Egloff
Fair Wind Foundation
Chester W. Fannon, Jr.
John F. Flournoy, Jr.
Page R. Flannery

Mary Bee Gaines
Joel and Bunny Gibbons
Sherlock S. Gillet, Jr.
Gregory Goodman
George Greenhalgh, III
Susan V. Gummeson
Daphne Hanbury
Wil Harris
Peter Henderson
Robert R. Hermann, Jr.
Paul W. Hobby
Glen A. Holden, Jr.
Thomas J. Huber
Michael Jackson
Henry Javor
Richard C. Latham
Donold V. Little, Jr.
Mauricio Lopez
Karen Manning
J. Stillman McFadden
Daniel Montgomery
Raymond Mullin
J.B. Orthwein, Jr.
Stephen A. Orthwein
John Oxley


Mark and Debby Pirrung
Patricia A. Poindexter
Harry Powell
Christine Reed
R. C. Riemenschneider
Robert and Charlotte Rinehart
Rodger and Hanna Rinehart
Mary C. Rinehart
Harry Robertshaw
Brad & Betina Scherer
Jeff Schlesinger
Nancy Schlichting
Evelina and Strother Scott
Stephen Seager
Derek Sifton
Michael Stanfield
Phillip Staples
Roger Steele
Tucker Foundation
Edmund S. Twining, Jr.
Roderick and Melanie Vere Nicoll
Malarkey Wall
Elizabeth Wildman
Jackson Woodward
Kris Wooten

Rodger and Bobo Rinehart Polo Pony Endowment Fund

The endowment memorializes the late Rodger and Bobo Rinehart, who were instrumental in the foundation and development of this premier collegiate polo facility since the 1950s. The proper care of the numerous polo ponies owned by Virginia Polo was one of the Rineharts' major interests and concerns. Income from the endowment will be used to help support the cost of maintaining the ponies that Virginia Polo owns.

The Fund was started by lead gifts from Debby and Mark Pirrung, Class of 1973, and Dick "Remo" Riemenschneider, Class of 1959. Mr. Pirrung and Mr. Riemenschneider are former members of the University of Virginia Polo Team and recipients of the wisdom, hospitality and kindness of the Rineharts. 

Rodger Rinehart's Legacy at UVA: A Man for All Seasons (pdf) by Brad Scherer
A Tribute to Rodger Rinehart, reprinted from VA Polo News, Winter 2008-09

Campaign Committee
Sherlock S. Gillet, Jr., Co-Chairman
Richard C. Riemenschneider, Co-Chairman
Daniel W. Colhoun, Jr.
Stephen A. Orthwein
Robert H. Rinehart

For more information, contact Dick Riemenschneider at 703.777.1403 or Va Polo at 434.979.0293.

Please include a completed pledge form for our records and/or note Rinehart Pony Fund on the memo line of your check.