A Typical Week

In the mornings student members who are assigned to feed the horses arrive early to bring the horses in from pasture. They feed, inspect legs and observe the horses for soundness. The horses are fed and watered again around 1:00 pm. Va Polo is fortunate to have an adequate string that allows us to offer a lot of polo while providing time off for each horse.

Around 3-3:30 pm each day, club members arrive for the afternoon chukkers. Upon arrival, each member signs up for two periods and choose a couple of their favorite horses to play. All club members have the ability to come out and play periods daily. As each period ends horses are untacked, washed and then turned out for the night. At the end of practice the members clean tack, hay and water the barn and do stalls.

In addition to this playing time, the Men's and Women's Varsity teams have two scheduled practices (2-period) each week which are mixed in with the club periods.

On Friday nights during the fall and winter seasons Club and Varsity games are scheduled so that all members have an opportunity to play in front of a crowd. Our Friday night games are legendary. Large crowds of fraternities and sororities line the outdoor arena to cheer on their favorite players.

Each Saturday morning Va Polo offers its Polo Boot Camp for U.Va. students interested in learning the game. These lessons run during the fall and winter seasons to teach the game to potential Club members. Coach Lou Lopez and Club members participate in this program.

To serve the local polo community, Va Polo offers a program for high school students during the academic year and to community members at large during the summer.

All of this takes tremendous coordination and effort from the Virginia Polo Club members. Each member takes responsibility for a different part of the operation. All activities are carefully supervised by our Coach and General Manager Lou Lopez.