Virginia Polo Center

The Virginia Polo Center is a 75 acre polo training facility located in Charlottesville, VA, approximately 5 miles from University of Virginia's Grounds. 

Game Spaces


Outdoor Arena

The 400' x 150' outdoor arena is lighted for night games and has an irrigation system to handle dust control.


Indoor Arena

The indoor arena has a playing surface of 250' x 100'. There is a viewing area that is 240' x 20' for spectators with two large bleachers. It is attached to the barn and has easy access to the wash stalls and a staging area to tie up visiting ponies. 


Outdoor Polo Field

This regulation 300 x 150 yards outdoor polo field is set within the mountains providing an atmosphere second to none. The Bermuda grass field has an underground irrigation system. A stream fed pond provides the water source to irrigate the outdoor arena as well as the polo field.


Barns & Pastures

The Virginia Polo Center owns 40 acres of stream fed pastures and leases an additional 126 acres to provide ample turn out for our stock.

35 Stall Barn

This barn has a unique design that allows polo ponies to be housed in a well lit, open air environment. Ponies may enter and exit easily. While in the barn, ponies are easily tacked and untacked for games by multiple students at one time. The barn is attached to the indoor arena to allow complete indoor access during inclement weather. There is a full tack room and 2 indoor wash stalls with hot and cold water.

Rinehart Stables

An eight stall, open air barn where ponies are easily tacked and untacked for games and tournaments.