Virginia Polo Club

Established in 1951, the Virginia Polo Club is a student organization for beginning and experienced polo players alike, with a long record of outstanding achievements!

Club members are able to participate in co-ed scrimmages, tournaments, and intercollegiate polo competitions. There are between 30 and 40 members each semester. Virginia Polo also fields Men's and Women's Varsity teams.


Sweat Equity

This is a student run organization with members equally sharing responsibility for the athletic success, work ethic, and outstanding reputation of our polo legacy. All members are required to provide “sweat equity” around the barn.

Team Dues

"Affordable polo for any student" is the underlying principle that has guided the program through the years. While the average cost per student is over $8,000 annually, members pay only $1,500 per semester for club dues and varsity players pay $2,000.

The success of the polo program depends not only on the members themselves, but also on community support. We encourage each parent to become involved in the program—come on out, tailgate and cheer the team on throughout the fall and winter seasons.

Virginia Polo is not financially supported by the University of Virginia and relies primarily on
outside sources for its funding.


Boot camp

Each year UVA Polo Club runs a lesson program taught by its members, led by Coach Lopez. The objective is to give beginner players basic polo skills in order to allow them to become full members of the club.

Boot Camp consists of 10 lessons over the course of the fall semester.