In the early 1950s a group of like-minded equestrians came together to form a polo club at the University of Virginia, with their first entry in an intercollegiate tournament in 1953. Through the years, over 600 students have shared the responsibility for the management, athletic success and national reputation of the organization. In return, students have the opportunity to compete nationally at the highest levels.

This student run organization depends on the generosity of its loyal supporters - alumni, parents and friends. Thanks to supporters and members alike, the polo program at U.Va., whose original concept of "affordable polo for any student" still prevails, has grown from humble beginnings to one of the best equipped collegiate polo facilities in the Nation.

The Virginia Polo Center continues to host USPA interscholastic and intercollegiate events.


Virginia Polo provides University of Virginia students, both men and women from all walks of life, with the opportunity to experience the sport of polo.

In keeping with the philosophy of the founders, the program strives to instill in each student the merits of responsibility, hard work, dedication, the rewards of fellowship, working as a team, and the ability to compete in an intercollegiate sport on the national level. These are valuable lessons that endure in the students personal and professional lives after college.

This is a student run organization with members equally sharing responsibility for the athletic success, work ethic, and outstanding reputation of our polo legacy. The Board of Directors is dedicated to providing overall management, professional coaching, and long-term financial support for future generations.

Virginia Polo, Inc. is not supported by the University of Virginia and relies primarily on outside sources for its financial well being.